EBL is a community-owned simulated baseball MMORPG. Compete in the business of baseball in a shared, persistent, and global universe.

Since November I have been working on a project to turn your fantasy baseball team into an NFT that can be bought, sold, traded, and can accrue value by competing…

American Sports Oligarch is a game but more importantly it’s a proof of concept and a training tool.

It’s a massively multiplayer application that will run (almost) entirely on public infrastructure and user’s devices.

The goal is to have an MVP before the start of the next NBA season.

One of the biggest benefits of building an app this way is that we’ll never have to worry about some big cloud expense that we’ll have to scale up as the player base grows.

Community product ownership means every user is also an owner in the system. The users are NOT the product.

Then we can build the TRY Academy app the same way.

We start with a technical foundation layer that does not need capital to grow. We just need users with devices.

We’ll also build a decentralized podcast player. Spacecast.

When the benefits of privacy become too big to ignore users will choose applications that are not built to be honeypots for data scientists.

Storing data in one big private database will become a weakness. A smell.

The reason for this switch will be profit.

Think about how much data…

Our education system is BROKEN. Gating education behind money is a leading driver of wealth inequality and it’s shockingly ineffective at helping us create the lives we want for ourselves.

We’re going to try something new.

TRY Academy is the first worldwide community owned school and we’re going to PAY…

Run YOUR team YOUR way. Fantasy team. Real earnings.

Build a profitable championship team using all of your available resources. American Sports Oligarch is a fantasy sports games that rewards ruthless competition.

Start a fantasy sports franchise and grow the value of it by managing well. …

Patrick Toner

Software developer, teacher, baseball fan. Right now I really like #ethereum. I think everything is going to be robots soon.

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