Run YOUR team YOUR way. Fantasy team. Real earnings.

Build a profitable championship team using all of your available resources. American Sports Oligarch is a fantasy sports games that rewards ruthless competition.

Start a fantasy sports franchise and grow the value of it by managing well. Put the best team on the field every day and win daily rewards.

The Federation is a ladder system. Leagues fight to get to the top. The more they stake the higher they rank. The higher your league ranks the more your team earns.

Play within your own fictional and real financial constraints to…

American Sports Oligarch uses IPFS to share sports data for the user interface.

Sports data has a relatively small number of records (a few hundred thousand) that are usually filled with small integers and floats so the raw size of the datasets is small enough to browse locally. But it’s large enough that loading it all into the browser memory to search is impractical.

The real world version of these datasets are prone to DDOS attacks because they’re hosted by the sports league and they’re really just trying to power their website.

So the goal is

  • Build indexed dataset on…

American Sports Oligarch is a game but more importantly it’s a proof of concept and a training tool.

It’s a massively multiplayer application that will run (almost) entirely on public infrastructure and user’s devices.

The goal is to have an MVP before the start of the next NBA season.

One of the biggest benefits of building an app this way is that we’ll never have to worry about some big cloud expense that we’ll have to scale up as the player base grows.

Community product ownership means every user is also an owner in the system. The users are NOT the product.

Then we can build the TRY Academy app the same way.

We start with a technical foundation layer that does not need capital to grow. We just need users with devices.

We’ll also build a decentralized podcast player. Spacecast.

At the TRY Academy bootcamp you’ll learn to build full featured and portable Android, iOS, and Desktop apps that are powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

American Sports Oligarch is a fantasy sports game and a business application. You’ll build your own copy from scratch.

You’ll learn about smart contracts, Ethereum, decentralized oracles, and storing data and building networks with IPFS.

You’ll have the knowledge and tools to build applications that will work in space. And you’ll learn how to apply those skills to applications that you use and build on Earth.

Your app needs to rely on the resources that…

Computer with pirate flag.
Computer with pirate flag.

For big companies that guard important data, ransomware is a big problem and crypto exasperates it.


  • A hospital has important patient information on a computer somewhere.
  • Someone malicious manages to get malware installed on that computer.
  • That malware zips up the private files and encrypts it with a secret password. Then it delete the originals. Maybe it sends the encrypted bundle off to a remote server.
  • The only way to get the information back is to either have a backup or enter the password.
  • The attacker asks for a certain amount of crypto to be sent to a certain…

When the benefits of privacy become too big to ignore users will choose applications that are not built to be honeypots for data scientists.

Storing data in one big private database will become a weakness. A smell.

The reason for this switch will be profit.

Think about how much data scientists need that data. How they design the entire system to collect and tag as much of it as they possibly can. Think about how their entire job wouldn’t be possible if they didn’t have that data.

And we just send it to them for free. Or for access to…

One of the biggest vectors of centralization of the internet is the domain system.

Not specifics about how it works necessarily, but the fact that it’s core to how all content is delivered.

The very first thing you do in an HTTP request is specify the location where the file is hosted.

“Give me the file at

Then your computer connects to a server at Google and you download the image and that’s it.

It creates a direct dependence between that content and the location where it can be found.

The way IPFS works instead is every file gets…

Our education system is BROKEN. Gating education behind money is a leading driver of wealth inequality and it’s shockingly ineffective at helping us create the lives we want for ourselves.

We’re going to try something new.

TRY Academy is the first worldwide community owned school and we’re going to PAY you to learn valuable real world skills. Software, science, math, farming, arts, music, history, conservation. All sorts of stuff. Whatever the community values. When one person improves themselves it helps ALL of us.

Student loan is a dirty word at TRY Academy.


The internet has created many new free ways…

There are different technical challenges when you build apps that don’t have a server.

How you can trust information?

In traditional apps we handle it by putting the company that runs the server in charge. They enter the data and handle security and as users we’re not responsible for anything. And if they say the weather data came from we trust their word and that’s the end of it.

In user run applications we have to handle our own security. …

Financial literacy is a huge problem. Smart contracts offer a solution that has never been possible before. What if we just give kids money so they learn how it works?

A recent study from the University of Arizona reflected a lot of my own thoughts about money and how children (don’t) learn about it.

Practice Makes Perfect: Experiential Learning as a Method of Financial Socialization

The important thing is that parents give children hands-on experience with money early, when the stakes are still low.

“If the first time kids use a credit card or have to work or have to save up for something or have a bank account is when they’re on their own, that’s not a good time to be practicing,” said LeBaron, a doctoral student in the…

Patrick Toner

Software developer, teacher, baseball fan. Right now I really like #ethereum. I think everything is going to be robots soon.

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