Privacy Is Coming to The Internet

When the benefits of privacy become too big to ignore users will choose applications that are not built to be honeypots for data scientists.

Storing data in one big private database will become a weakness. A smell.

The reason for this switch will be profit.

Think about how much data scientists need that data. How they design the entire system to collect and tag as much of it as they possibly can. Think about how their entire job wouldn’t be possible if they didn’t have that data.

And we just send it to them for free. Or for access to their honeypot. That is a BAD DEAL.

We can do better. If we keep it private we can do all the same things they do with it except we get the check directly. Or we can decide not to do that.

Traditionally getting hooked up with the right buyer has been difficult. Exchanging value has been difficult.

Crypto automates these things. Software does not require a honeypot to function.

Privacy is coming. And it’s going to open tons of new doors in the same ways that HTTPS did.

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